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Woodson Wave Report uses Elliott Wave patterns and Fibonacci sequences to identify turning points with regards to both price and time in the Dow, S&P 500, Gold and Bond markets.

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The March 22, 2018 report is now available!
Note: Dale is out of the country until April 4, 2018


(3) = (1) at 2461.72
(3) = 1.618 of (1) at 2251.19

Update March 22, 2018
The market spiraled down hard today especially at the close. Today marked a 55 Fibonacci days from the all-time high on Jan 26th. As futures topped late Sunday night/early Monday morning on Jan. 28/29 the market is vulnerable to crash a Fibonacci 55 days from that actual print high over this weekend. Look for a panic/spike low on Monday March 26, followed by a lower low on "Turnaround Tuesday" March 27. A move below the March 2 low is a virtual certainty as wave 3 of (3) has begun. Wave (3) should move below the February 9 wave (1) low of 2532 at a minimum. Our target levels for wave (3) remain the same at 2461 and 2251. These targets can be achieved this weekend! 

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