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  • Monthly Subscription (most popular) – $144.00/mo. – recurring
    $144/month/recurring. S&P 500 futures daily analysis. Includes reports issued virtually every trading day except Fridays. Sometimes more than one report per day. Refund if cancelled within 14 days of order. Refunds not available if a discount code is used.
  • NQ NASDAQ 100 E Mini Futures – $89.00/mo. – recurring
    $89/mo./recurring. Weekly reports. Analysis of NQ NASDAQ 100 E Mini Futures. Reports published on weekends
  • Annual Subscription – $377.00/yr – recurring
    $377/year/recurring. Analysis of S&P 500, Dow, NASDAQ, Bonds, and Gold. Reports issued monthly and interim reports as market conditions warrant.
  • Video On Demand – $55.00/mo. – recurring
    Video on Demand $55/month/recurring. Video analysis of TESLA, BTC Bitcoin, SMH, XBI Trading and educational videos: How to trade a Key Reversal day/ Trading after a 5 wave advance/ Trading with Elliott waves above a wave 1 high/ Trading a Fibonacci .786 retracement/ Trading a 3 wave correction after a 5 wave move. Dale’s classic crashes report, Fibonacci Time Spirals Report
  • Auto Trade Futures WWR – $150.00/month/recurring
    You open a futures trading account with Striker Securities, they auto trade WWR signals.
    Using Elliott waves and Fibonacci multiples for entry, stop and exit positions. Stop is strategically placed near the entry. Exit position (take profit) is placed at the expected Fibonacci price target which is much farther away. System is designed so that losses may be more frequent than wins but the gains from the wins should far outweigh the losses due to the risk/reward ratio. Account uses the Ryan Jones fixed ratio money management system.