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While we know that the market analyst who is never wrong does not exist, we are happy to provide many accurate forecasts of the markets for our customers during what have been some extremely confusing and anxious times for most. Thanks again to our subscribers for all the nice comments.

“Dale – You have an eye for this stuff. I have been reading your reports since 2000 and remember your calls back in 2000 and 2008. You were spot on. Thanks for sharing this report and I believe strongly that you could be right on!”

20+ Year Subscriber

“Thanks for the Wave Reports, I always look forward to them. Your Elliott wave counts have been very clear, very accurate and very helpful. From day one I have been very happy I signed on.”


“Keep up the outstanding work. FWIW, I covered my shorts last Thursday for $89,675.00 in one month… much credit to your work for helping me to have my best month of my trading career!!!”


“Thank you for your interim report. I am currently using your reports to help me determine how to manage trades in my 401k account.”


“Thank you very much for your brilliant work on the markets. I have not ceased to be amazed by the accuracy of your forecasts.”


“Just to thanks- your predictions have been amazing. I work with fund managers at a big institution and I can say no one was expecting what we have seen over the past few weeks or months. Certainly taken all of them by surprise but not me! Keep up the good work.”


“Dale – your interim reports are fantastic. I’ve read the books on EW, but not being a technician, I don’t speak the language well. You make it very clear and understandable. Thanks.”


“This is such a terrible Papa Bear market, I fell really bad about all the losses people have suffered. Your report has helped me to navigate this difficult period. Thanks again!”


“As a student of the markets for more than 25 years, I’ve read more than a few technical analysis newsletters… yours is definitely on a different level. Your willingness to make forecasts without the usual… “but it could always go the other way” language is refreshing. Your combination of the Fibonacci Spirals and Elliott Wave analysis is unique and fascinating. Keep up the good work!”


“Thank you… my thoughts… you find someone as good as your are… you got to share it with people.”


“As a new subscriber I just wanted to thank you for the excellent reports and great charts. I am very happy I signed up.”


“Thanks for helping me steer clear of this market lately. Your work is very impressive. I’m sure your readers are happy.”


“Your prices are very reasonable and if your NASDAQ of 2700 comes true, I’ll be a subscriber.”

Roland 11/14/00 (NASDAQ hit 2754 on 11/22/00)

“I gotta hand it to you; since you’ve been doing the naz composite counts… almost “psychic” … how accurate you’ve called that index!!! Well, the Dow also but I don’t trade that.”


“I’ve been a student of market timing and spiral calendars for some time and was very impressed with your work. I like your “no nonsense – straight talk” newsletter.”


“I would also like to compliment you on the accuracy of your timing. It is impressive and I hope you will soon see more subscribers. I have been spreading the word among trading floor people.”


“I just read your update for October. Did you ever hit the nail on the head!.. You do an outstanding job with your Updates. I wish I would have had your knowledge and insight 28 years ago! Thanks so much.”


“I don’t suppose you need to be told that your work is truly superb. You have my permission to use me for testimonial and referral purposes and if you wish you can mention that I am a CGA (CPA in Canada) and professional economist.”


“One’s initial reaction is very skeptical. Indeed, my reaction was just the same. However, what led me to follow the reports was firstly, how well they were written and secondly, the content, to which I can tell a lot of thought goes into them… I still find it, in many ways uncanny to how well you can predict levels to specific dates. I’ve made some very good money on the back of your reports.”


“As a new and happy subscriber to your newsletter, please accept my thanks for a truly prophetic forecast. Your report was instrumental in persuading me to take a short position on the QQQ and happily made a neat sum.”


“Hope the whole report lives up to the first page enticement. Based upon my experience with your work, I am sure that it will.”


“I would like to thank you for your tremendous customer service! With such good service, you’re likely very successful.”


“I employ a variety of market timing strategies and your work is an asset to me and compliments my own efforts.”


“So far, I really like your work.”


“I like your reports… I’ve been checking your web site every hour or so – as soon as I saw the new posting – I was in there – even beat your first e-mail to me inviting me to get the report.”

Hey Mr. Woodson:
I appreciate your customer service in promptly addressing all of my concerns.  Consequently, I will be signing-up a new customer —promptly.
I stumbled across your videos on YouTube, and I have been following you for a month. You are a genius and do accurate unparalleled work. In addition, you are a brilliant teacher and scientist.
Thanks again , your new customer,
Annual Subscription $233/yr includes once per month reports in addition to interim reports as market conditions warrant. Perfect for investors.
Monthly Subscription $144/mo. includes reports issued virtually every trading day, sometimes more than one per day, except Fridays.Perfect for traders.
Video On Demand $89 one time non-recurring non-refundable 30 day subscription includes educational/trading videos, Fibonacci Time Spiral, Classic Crashes, GME, Bitcoin and more!

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