Hunter M

Balance: 25k -> 89K -> 112.6K -> 131K

Still very busy and can’t trade everyday, which has been making me do a few swing trades instead of intraday scalping which I do not like as much. I prefer intraday scalping but this is not my full time job so I can’t always do it. Maybe with a year on this same track I will make it full time! When I swing trade that’s where it’s easier to get trapped in a losing trade than linger in it until it’s even or MOB breaks since less likely to use a quick stop loss when not scalping.

Thank you again for all your time and work Dale. Your reports really changed my trading and my view on the markets. Glad I can learn and follow along EWT with a pro! If you share this again, I highly recommend everyone keep track of their trades! I am so glad I started.”